About Me

I was born and raised in the UK, in a city called Reading. I have been in the social work and mental health field for over 20 years and have attained a Masters in Social Work in 2010 from Brunel University London and a Bachelors in Applied Psychology and Social Research in 2001.

Like many of us, my history and background too, is complex. From childhood to today I have personally experienced a number of complexities which at one time or another impacted my mental health. Complexities such as; economic hardship, acculturation, racism, discrimination, family discord, addiction, loss and grief are just some. I have found strength and courage in knowing that we have the inner ability to make adjustments throughout our life, and knowing and gaining trust through honest, non judgmental personal reflection is a start.

My Development

I am fortunate to say, that my working experience and training in social work and mental health is rich in depth. This combines a history of working with some of the less privileged, disenfranchised individuals, as well as working with people with relative security and stability but struggling with the complexities that life can present.

My experience has led me into an array of different environments, including the community, schools, hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, jails and prison, rehabilitation facilities, homeless shelters, and residential settings for children, adults and seniors.

Not only does my academic qualifications enhance my expertise, but also the opportunity to develop and grow in diversely skilled, multi agency teams, both for the government and within the private sector.


  • Years in Practice: 23 Years

  • School: Brunel University, London, UK

  • License No. and State: LW 60688740 Washington